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Summary of zambia shall be free by kenneth kaunda

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Which sentence correctly uses a normative case pronoun
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Read the excerpt from "broken chain." alfonso studied the magazine pictures of rock stars for a hairstyle. he liked the way prince looked—and the bass player from los lobos. alfonso thought he would look cool with his hair razored into a v in the back and streaked purple. but he knew his mother wouldn’t go for it. and his father, who was puro mexicano, would sit in his chair after work, sullen as a toad, and call him "sissy.” what details from the passage would best support a paragraph about conflict between characters?
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Asap i put 30 pts idk how much is shows. submit the following: · graphic organizer: evidence for a poem's theme · graphic organizer: informal essay for an outline about theme · first draft 1. write an introduction with a clear thesis about the theme of the poem. 2. analyze the theme of the poem using paraphrases, examples and quotations as evidence. 3. write a conclusion that summarizes the theme. 4. use appropriate transitions. 5. maintain a third person point of view.
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In the first line of each stanza, the author follows the pattern of a noun followed by a pair of adjectives. what is the purpose of this pattern?
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Summary of zambia shall be free by kenneth kaunda...
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