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Read the stanza below from the poem “tattoo” by gregg shapiro and answer the question that follows. if i could trade places with him i would pad the rest of his days wrap him in gauze and velvet absorb the shocks and treat his wounds i would scrub the numbers from his flesh extinguish the fire and give him back his life what does shapiro use to create the conceit in the lines above? a) he carries one line of poetry onto the next. b) he paints vivid word pictures that trigger the imagination by appealing to the five senses. c) he directly expresses a metaphor using like, as, or than. d) he uses physical protection to represent emotional protection.
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Will give brainly if correct read the passage first of all, if someone says your dream is impossible, they’re wrong. you can’t prove that something is impossible-all you know is that [it] hasn’t been done yet. people said no one could scale mount everest, but in 1953, sir edmund hilary and tenzing norgay gazed down upon the world from its summit. people said that man could not fly, but in 1903, orville and wilbur wright made the first sustained powered flight in a heavier-than-air machine. people said, “okay, we admit that someone could climb mount everest, and we admit that man has learned to fly, but no one will ever, ever walk on the face of the moon.” if we can send three men a quarter of a million miles away and bring them home safely, is there any great task we cannot accomplish? which identifies the textual evidence that best supports the claim: the authors purpose is to persuade? a: the author shares historical information about the wright brothers. b: the author states that men have walked the moon. c: the author states that others who think your dreams are impossible are wrong. d: the author wants to know what tasks we cannot accomplish.
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Write a five-minute oral presentation about the call of the wild, writing for an audience of your peers. what did you find most fascinating or interesting about the story, and what did you think were its most important points? include one visual element to support your ideas; this may be a short slideshow. then, make small changes to your speech to adapt it to be presented to a formal audience. enter both versions of your speech (informal and formal) in the space below, and include your selected visual element. if possible, present your speech to an audience to receive feedback.
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Excerpt from incredible oceans roberto barerra (1) the five major oceans—the arctic, the atlantic, the indian, the pacific, and the southern, which are then broken down into smaller seas—provide food for humans and animals, entice explorers, enable trade, and affect the climate and environment the world over. in this sentence from paragraph 1, the word entice means a) amaze. b) attract. c) exhaust. d) feed.
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This is an assessment. once you begin the assessment, you will not be able to navigate back to other...
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