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Today's children should not be blamed for not taking education seriously

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Which sentence is punctuated correctly? a. one question you should always ask yourself: “am i with the results? ” b. always ask yourself this question: “ am i with the results? ” c. one question you should always ask yourself is : “am i with the results? ” d. always ask yourself a question like: “am i with the results? ”
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Ineed all these answers from book farenheit 451
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Which sentence would not be appropriate for an essay or formal speech? a) most of the titles of faulkner's novels are references to the bible or to the works of william shakespeare. eliminate b) some critics believe that faulkner's novel the sound and the fury is the best novel of his entire career. c) the novels of william faulkner are way too hard to read, yo, filled with all these frustrating changing narrators! d) william faulkner traveled all the way from his home state of mississippi to sweden in order to make his nobel prize acceptance speech.
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Which is the best statement of what the speaker wants? a) to become a political leader b) to no longer have to plant crops c) to be treated fairly and equally d) to move to a country that respects women
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Today's children should not be blamed for not taking education seriously...
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