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What does it mean when someone says you have a refreshing personality?

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What is the one characteristic about narrative poetry that all pieces share? a. the speaker is the voice in the poem. the speaker can be the protagonist that experiences the action and conflict, or the speaker can tell the story about someone else. b. as the poet, you will also set the mood of the poem. the words that you choose will arouse the reader. consider what you want the reader to feel when he reads your words. c. all narrative poetry has a story line. there will be a protagonist, and the 4 parts of plot.
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Choose one of the topics below and use all five sentence patterns in a composition of at least 100 words. return to the lessons "patterns: inverted, compound parts, s/v/do" and "patterns: s/lv/pn, s/lv/pa, s/v/io/do" if you need to review the sentence patterns. you will be graded based on whether all five sentence patterns are present in your work. suggestions for topics: a. what if the sun exploded? b. what if every family owned a helicopter? c. what if each year were six months long instead of twelve? d. what if you were the president of the united states?
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Kayla have 886 folders and ana have 337 folders if i subtract 337-886 how many is in total? ? 886 - 337–––––
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Activity part a fill in the table below, which refers to the sonnets you have read in the lesson.
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