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What element of a persuasive essay is best described as the authors main argument

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Give a paragraph summary of julius caesar act iii. in you own words.
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What makes the literal, word-for-word translation of the metamorphosis hard to read?
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Read the excerpt from "save the redwoods."another, one of the finest in the grove, more than three hundred feet high, was skinned alive to a height of one hundred and sixteen feet from the ground and the bark sent to london to show how fine and big that calaveras tree was—as sensible a scheme as skinning our great men would be to prove their greatness.which  best  describes how the excerpt appeals to readers’ emotions? the excerpt provides facts about the tree, which impresses readers’ scientific minds.the excerpt describes how the tree traveled to london, which excites the readers’ sense of adventure.the excerpt compares the tree to a person, which makes readers feel sympathetic toward the tree.the excerpt explains how to skin a tree, which makes readers feel awed at the height of the tree.
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Excerpt from an enemy of the people henrik ibsen mrs. stockmann. (turns to the hall door, listening.) i expect that is mr. hovstad coming. billing. very likely. (peter stockmann comes in. he wears an overcoat and his official hat, and carries a stick.) peter stockmann. good evening, katherine. mrs. stockmann (coming forward into the sitting-room). ah, good evening--is it you? how good of you to come up and see us! peter stockmann. i happened to be passing, and into the dining-room). but you have company with you, i see. mrs. stockmann (a little embarrassed). oh, no--it was quite by chance he came in. (hurriedly.) won't you come in and have something, too? peter stockmann. i! no, you. good gracious--hot meat at night! not with my digestion, when peter stockmann enters, what does his physical appearance to reveal about his character?
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