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What transitional word or phrase is most appropriate in an essay that is organized chronologically?
a. furthermore,
b. afterward,
c. in other words,
d. all things considered,

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Which of the following sentences most clearly uses topical organization? a. do you have problems with mosquitoes and gnats? fabulous exterminators can ! b. we've gathered at this conference to discuss three things: poverty, war, and disease. c. killer bees have spread up from south america into mexico and the united states. d. first, gather all the painting supplies you need. next, lay them out on a work bench.
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Read the passage. (1) since prehistoric times, milk has been a vital source of nutrition for human beings. (2) some doctors and nutritionists believe that consuming milk can be detrimental to our health. (3) milk is one of the most nutrient-dense beverages we can consume and it should be an essential part of a healthy diet. (4) drinking just one 8-ounce glass of milk per day puts you well on your way to meeting recommended daily intakes for important nutrients. which transition would be best to use at the beginning of sentence 2? finally additionally however specifically
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Amaple syrup producer records the amount of sap collected from each of his trees.the line plot shows the results of one day
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You have found an article in the  readers' guidethat you want to locate. what information would be  least  important in finding it?                 a.  volume and page numbers      b.  subject heading      c.  author's name      d.  title of the article
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