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What type of appeal is wiesel making by using the underlined words in the passage?

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Awebsite for an exterminator lists several species of pests and ways to eliminate each one. what kind of organization does this website most clearly use ? a. sequential b. compare and contrast c. spatial d. problem-solution i think it's either a or d but i don't know.
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Which sentence from this passage explains what the main characters do in rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead? "tom stoppard's play, rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead, draws on two previous theatrical works: shakespeare's hamlet and samuel beckett's waiting for godot." "as in beckett's play, rosencrantz and guildenstern pass the time by impersonating other characters, engaging in word play, and remaining silent for long periods of time." "these same two characters were also featured in a parody of hamlet, the short comic play by w. s. gilbert entitled rosencrantz and guildenstern." "gilbert's play makes rosencrantz and guildenstern into central characters and alters the storyline of hamlet."
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The following question is based on your reading of a midsummer night’s dream by william shakespeare. which line offers the best example of metatheatre? a. “there are things in this comedy of pyramus and thisby that will never . first, pyramus must draw a sword to kill himself; which the ladies cannot abide.” c. “will not the ladies be afeared of the lion? ” b. “doth the moon shine the night we play our play? ” d. “write me a prologue, and let the prologue seem to say, we will do no harm with our swords, and that pyramus is not killed indeed; and for the more better assurance, tell them that i pyramus am not pyramus, but bottom the weaver.”
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Which word or group of word is the simple subject in the sentence used for many sports and activities indoor ice rinks require special care
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What type of appeal is wiesel making by using the underlined words in the passage?...
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