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When citing an online resource, it is important to include as well as the information provided in a standard citation.

a. author's name
b. title of publication
c. date downloaded or retrieved
d. name of the publisher

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What is meant by “eternally burning black pipes”? what is this implying about the personality of the firemen?
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Time is not always change. time can also mean continuity, and it can mean keeping acknowledged truths in mind despite differences in circumstances.there is no better example of this in things fall apart than the retellings of the proverb about the bird named eneke, the language in both retellings is almost identical despite the length of time that has passed between their repetitions. in comparing the usages of the same proverb, achebe allows his readers to note the similarities and differences between the situations, and he them understand how this story can be applied to their own lives.
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Asap read the bottom. use these 7 words to make 2 similies, 2 personification, 2 metaphors, and 1 of any so much backpack toaster drummer beach heart bicycle microwave examples: (if the examples were a quarterback, a wave, and stars) 1. the quarterback is a cheetah running down the field. (metaphor) 2. like a wave, the birds in autumn move through the air crashing into invisible shores. (simile) 3. the stars danced in the night sky. (personification) remember to write using complete, correctly capitalized sentences for each of the examples you provide. also, proofread and spell check carefully.
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Will giveif correct read the passage first of all, if someone says your dream is impossible, they’re wrong. you can’t prove that something is impossible-all you know is that [it] hasn’t been done yet. people said no one could scale mount everest, but in 1953, sir edmund hilary and tenzing norgay gazed down upon the world from its summit. people said that man could not fly, but in 1903, orville and wilbur wright made the first sustained powered flight in a heavier-than-air machine. people said, “okay, we admit that someone could climb mount everest, and we admit that man has learned to fly, but no one will ever, ever walk on the face of the moon.” if we can send three men a quarter of a million miles away and bring them home safely, is there any great task we cannot accomplish? which identifies the textual evidence that best supports the claim: the authors purpose is to persuade? a: the author shares historical information about the wright brothers. b: the author states that men have walked the moon. c: the author states that others who think your dreams are impossible are wrong. d: the author wants to know what tasks we cannot accomplish.
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When citing an online resource, it is important to include as well as the information provided in a...
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