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When creating websites, a designer must take into account that all browsers do not present html code in the same manner. there are at least three solutions to this problem: create separate versions of the site for each browser; gear the site to one browser and recommend that users view it in that browser; or use a newer design method of xhtml and css. based on the readings so far, it appears using xhtml and css is the best solution.

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Select the correct text in the passage. which set of lines spoken by sebastian in act v, scene i, of twelfth night implies that olivia is not attracted to him simply because she is crazy? sebastian: this is the air; that is the glorious sun; this pearl she gave me, i do feel't and see't: and though 'tis wonder that enwraps me thus, yet 'tis not madness. where's antonio, then? i could not find him at the elephant; yet there he was; and there i found this credit, that he did range the town to seek me out. his counsel now might do me golden service; for though my soul disputes well with my sense, that this may be some error, but no madness, yet doth this accident and flood of fortune so far exceed all instance, all discourse, that i am ready to distrust mine eyes and wrangle with my reason, that persuades me to any other trust but that i am mad, or else the lady's mad; yet if 'twere so, she could not sway her house, command her followers, take and give back affairs and their despatch with such a smooth, discreet, and stable bearing, as i perceive she does: there's something in't that is deceivable. but here comes the lady.
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Each state in america has a different seal, or symbol, that represents the traditional culture of that state. the state seal of georgia is rich in meaning, history, and patriotism. when was the seal adopted? 2georgia’s state constitution established the state seal in 1798. however, as georgia’s political circumstances changed, so too did the state’s seal. between 1863 and 1865, georgia used a different state seal to represent its separation from the rest of the country during the civil war. then, from 1868 to1871, georgia’s secretary of state nathan c. barnett hid the original seal when the capital was occupied by the north’s victorious enemy forces. he readopted the original seal in 1872. 4georgia’s state seal remained unchanged for 42 years. then, a law was passed that required the state to alter the date on the seal. the year 1799 had originally appeared on the seal to represent the year that the seal was officially adopted. the new law changed the date on the seal to 1776, the year that america’s founding fathers signed the declaration of independence. what does the seal look like? 5just as coins each have a “heads” side and a “tails” side, state seals also each have a front and a back. the front of the seal shows three tall columns, or pillars. perched atop these pillars is an arch that displays the word “constitution.” the two end pillars are each adorned with a ribbon-like banner that reads “wisdom” and “moderation.” a third banner, reading “justice,” hangs in front of the middle pillar. when read together, the banners make up the official state motto of georgia: “wisdom, justice, and moderation.” the seal also exhibits a picture of a soldier holding a sword. the words “state of georgia” appear along the top. the year 1776 is printed at the bottom. 6the back of the seal portrays a rural shoreline scene featuring a large ship and small boat. also included in the picture are bundles of tobacco plants and cotton and a farmer working in a field. across the top of the seal are the words “agriculture and commerce.” the bottom of the seal is also marked with the year 1776. what do the symbols on the seal represent? 7each item on the seal is symbolic of georgia’s history and the history of america as a united country. the pillars on the front stand for the three branches of government—legislative, executive, and judicial—and how they all work together to support the country and its constitution. the man holding the sword represents soldiers who defend the country and its laws. 8the boats on the back of the seal symbolize the agricultural commerce of georgia. similarly, the farmer and crop bundles represent georgia’s dependence on agriculture for survival. during the mid to late 1800s, over 700,000 cotton bales were produced each year. cotton is still a “king” crop in georgia. the state currently produces almost three million bales per year. this is only one reason why the state is an important asset to its country. read the passage on the left to answer the following questions: 13) the author's main purpose in writing this article is a) to inform. b) to create. c) to persuade. d) to entertain. 14) in paragraph eight, the word asset means a) benefit. b) debt. c) element. d) expense. 15) in paragraph six, the word portrays means a) condescends. b) deceives. c) honors. d) reveals.
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We will be learning about animals that live in the arctic. your assignment is to find information about one animal in the arctic. be sure that you find the following information about the animal: average height and weight, appearance, diet, shelter, mating habits, and any other interesting or important facts. we will use the information that you gather in the research with an in-class project. be sure to keep track of your sources; your final project will require a works cited page. in an internet search engine, which group of keywords is most appropriate for this assignment? a) project, arctic, diet b) arctic, animals, facts c) cold, appearance, animals d) average height and weight, one animal
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Is the group of words a simple sentence, a compound sentence, or a run-on sentence? jan went on a quiz show, won two hundred dollars, and bought gifts for her family. a. run-on sentence b. compound sentence c. simple sentence
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