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Which sentence uses correct capitalization? a. paul and portia have visited several magnificent places in the american southwest. b. grand canyon national park is located in the state of arizona. c. the canyon, more than 200 miles long, is actually a deep gorge of the colorado river. d. my neighbor, mrs. montale, once rode down to the bottom of the grand canyon and camped there overnight.

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What viewpoint about german soldiers does maupassant convey in this excerpt of "two friends"? a. they are all loyal, but heartless. b. they are all cold–hearted and inhuman. c. they are all sympathetic and smart. d. they are all men of their word and good soldiers.
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Read the excerpt from warriors don't cry. as we approached behind them, we could see only the clusters of white people that stretched for a distance of two blocks along the entire span of the school building. my mind could take in the sights and sounds only one by one: flashing cameras, voices shouting in my ears, men and women jostling each other, old people, young people, people running, uniformed police officers walking, men standing still, men and women waving their fists, and then the long line of uniformed soldiers carrying weapons just like in the war movies i had seen. which words create the mood in the excerpt? check all that apply.
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That does the quote, "a minority is powerless while it conforms to the majority; it is not even a minority then; but it is irresistible when it clogs by its whole weight" means?
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Which phrase best defines “quotations”
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Which sentence uses correct capitalization? a. paul and portia have visited several magnificent pla...
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