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Which statements about the memoir night support the idea that literature from the past teaches lessons to readers of today? check all that apply. elie wiesel wants to prevent history from repeating itself. elie wiesel's story of life during the holocaust is unique. elie wiesel wants to share the horrors he lived through and survived. memoirs like night reveal personal experiences and historical events. readers may connect wiesel’s experiences to problems in the world today. elie wiesel believes that we should never forget what happened in the holocaust.

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Phillis wheatley often used to manipulate lines of poetry in order to create perfect rhyme patterns. enjambment sonnets irregular syntax imagery
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Which literary device has emily dickinson used in these lines? how dreary to be somebody! how public, like a frog to tell your name the livelong day to an admiring bog! metaphor alliteration simile allusion
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Apex english 4 semester 1 read the following story summary. when she was a child, sara hated her piano instructor, mr. singh. she felt she had already mastered the piano, but mr. singh constantly criticized her playing in a blunt and hurtful way. after sara grew up, she realized that mr. singh's strictness was responsible for the only edge she had over other pianists her age and the only reason she was able to succeed in music later in life. she learned to appreciate his tough love. what does the story most clearly suggest about the author's perspective? a.that a person should put his or her talents to good use b.that pursuing one's dream is paramount in life c.that the world is harsh and only the strong survive d.that adults have children's best interests in mind
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Who are the antagonists in the story "ali baba and the 40 thieves", and are they're bad guys?
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