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Which mountain ranges make up the highlands of scotland?

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Suggest two reasons why irrigation is important for human development of the desert (4 marks)
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This map shows the member states of the european union (eu). based on this map, what is the most likely reason the eu was formed? a) to increase trade between european nations b) to protect themselves from foreign enemies c) to begin the process of forming one large nation d) to isolate europe from the rest of the international community j
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Which was not a country that massively built up its navy in the early 1900s? germany china united statesbritain
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Compared with the land in the highlands, the lowlands region of england a) rockier and more difficult for farmingb) the center of business and industryc)richer in coal reservesd)covered by more fertile farmlandanswer: d) covered by more fertile farmland
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Which mountain ranges make up the highlands of scotland?...
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