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At the constitutional convention, what did the smaller states have to fear about the virginia plan? what did the delegate from new jersey propose instead?

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Do you think the cartoonist has a positive or negative view of bryan? why?
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He table below shows the number of immigrants to the united states from different regions of europe between 1871 and 1910
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Imagine that you have completed your paper. the following are two paragraphs you have written that contain direct quotations from your sources. below each paragraph is the source used. for each source, use mla style to create the correct in-text citation and place it in the correct place within the paragraph. gandhi did not grow up wealthy. of his family, he recalled, “my father never had any ambition to accumulate riches and left us very little property. he had no education, save that of experience.” like his father, gandhi became someone who valued experience over money. the quotation is taken from page 2 of this source: gandhi, mahatma. the story of my experiments with truth. 1927. new york: dover publications, 1983. print. gandhi’s experiences abroad taught him a great deal, but they certainly did not make him rich. according to indian scholar e.s. reddy, “…on january 9, 1915, m. k. gandhi returned to bombay after 21 years in exile, wearing a loin cloth and travelling from london in the lowest class of the ship.” few people suspected that this unassuming man would become one of the most powerful and beloved leaders in history. the quotation is taken from page 1 of this source: reddy, e.s. gandhi’s vision of a free south africa. hyderabad, india: sangam books, ltd. 1995. print.
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Explqin the effects of ww1 an women immigrants, and afri an americans
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At the constitutional convention, what did the smaller states have to fear about the virginia plan?...
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