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How did the disputed 1876 election returns further reduce the power and influence of the republicans in the south?

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Atch the terms with their definitions. 1. power-hungry militants who grabbed absolute control by force "direct democracy" 2. set the rules and maintained authority within the city-state nobles 3. first name given to the greek democracy solon 4. lofty, financially well-to-do citizens who carried much power within the community assembly 5. in 594 b.c. he was chosen as an athenian statesman with reformation powers tyrants
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This passage says that the government is necessary because . the passage states that checks and balances are needed to
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Reflect on what you learned in this lesson. write two paragraphs (150-250 words) explaining the benefits of studying history.
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“[the city’s engineers excelled in areas] neglected by the greeks, such as the construction of roads and aqueducts, and of sewers that could wash the filth of the city into the tiber. they have built paved roads throughout the country, leveling ridges and filling up hollows, so as to make possible the movements of heavily loaded wagons. . and such is the quantity of water brought in by the aqueducts, that veritable rivers flow through the city and its sewers: almost every house has cisterns, waterpipes, and copious fountains.” —strabo, as quoted in empires ascendant: time frame 400 b.c.–a.d. 200 cisterns are tanks that hold water until it is needed; if a house has a cistern, it is likely to also have a. aqueducts. c. a swimming pool. b. a fish pond. d. sinks and faucets.
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How did the disputed 1876 election returns further reduce the power and influence of the republicans...
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