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Nationalism in eastern europe and russia

4. what did the crimean war reveal about russia?

a. how it lagged behind other european nations
b. how poorly it was run by the tsar
c. how poorly trained the russian army was
d. how superior the russian naval fleet was

5. which of the following was a result of poor industrial working conditions in russia?
a. radicals gained supporters among the workers
b. the tsar became more powerful
c. landowners stopped building factories
d. peasants were able to buy more land

6. which of the following happened after nationalism in the ottoman empire led to revolts?

7. which of the following was the immediate result of emancipating the serfs in russia?
a. the serfs were free to work in shops and factories, leading to immediate urbanization and industrialization
b. the serfs were unable to purchase the land on which they had worked and were poor and discontent
c. the serfs were allowed to vote and participate in the new national, constitutional government.
d. the serfs were so grateful that many volunteered to serve in the crimea to bring russian victory.

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Nationalism in eastern europe and russia

4. what did the crimean war reveal about russia...
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