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Pls me there should be 3 for each

i. corrupting the government
ii. finding the new ways to govern
iii. fighting the spoils system
iv. controlling big businesses
v. solving and exposing social problems
vi. increasing people's control of government

a. wisconsin led the way in allowing voters to choose their party's candidates
b. the national municipal league formed in philadelphia
c. mayor tom johnson reform the city government of cleveland
d. eugene v. debs found the american socialist party in 1898e. president haynes, garfield, and arthur tried to change the spoils system
f. the oregon system limit the influence of political parties
g. political machines controlled local government in many cities
h. writers alerted the public to the dirt and corruption underlying the society
i. 5 commission to rebuild galveston, texas, after a devastating tidal wave
j. congress passed the sherman antitrust act (1890) to control monopolies
k. politicians, such as boss tweed accepted bribes and kickbacks
l. voters elected democrats to congress in 1890s to show opposition to high tariffs
m. congress passed the pendleton act (1883)
n. political bosses gained votes by doing favors for people
o. the 7th amendment (1912) provided for the direct election of the senators
p. progressive reforms aim to those who lacked wealth and influence
q. go civil service commission set up examinations for federal job applicants
r. congress passed the interstate commerce act (1887) to control the railroads

p. s no stupid answers for the points
i need or i will be on epidemic probation

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Pls me there should be 3 for each

i. corrupting the government
ii. finding the ne...
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