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What role did catholic curch play in the colonization of latin ameruca​

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What development led the soviet union to establish the warsaw pact? the soviets gained control over satellite countries. west germany joined nato. the allied powers grew weaker. the berlin wall was erected between east and west germ
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Three broad zones with different climates and resources shape russian life. they include:
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Which is guaranteed by the fifth amendment? o a person will have a speedy trial. or a person can refuse to testify against himself or herself. a person can not be forced to testify against his or her spouse. a person has the right to a trial by jury
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Which statement describes the central idea of the text? a. while the nigerian government has the wealth to improve the conditions in prisons, they continue to view it as a low priority. b. nigerian prisons neglect the physical and mental health of their prisoners by failing to provide them with basic necessities and services. c. the inhuman conditions in nigerian prisons could easily be improved, but the environment is considered part of prisoners' punishment. d. conditions in nigerian prisons are slowly improving as non-government organizations and citizens are providing much-needed equipment to the prisons.
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What role did catholic curch play in the colonization of latin ameruca​...
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