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When do peoples stared eating turkeys for

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In 2001 mexico imposed a 20% tax on all soft drinks not made from sugar cane high fractals corn sit-up which is made from corn, is often used in place of cane sugar to manufacture soft drinks. which nation would most likely be impacted by mexico’s policy change?
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Which of the following statements best describes the importance of the battle of
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Match these items. 1 . stephen douglas published "north star" 2 . frederick douglass first african slaves arrived in jamestown 3 . crittenden compromise proposed kansas-nebraska act 4 . republican party extend 36Β° 30' line to california 5 . abolitionists servitude in exchange for passage to the united states 6 . indentured struggle between proslavery and antislavery groups 7 . jefferson davis formed to prevent spread of slavery 8 . "bleeding kansas" wanted slavery abolished 9 . uncle tom's cabin president of confederacy 10 . 1619 harriet beecher stowe
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Doing an exit ticket and i need some
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When do peoples stared eating turkeys for...
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