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which formula below would be the correct match between nickel (ii) (ni) and bromine (br)? hint: nickel has 2 valence electrons because of the roman numeral next to its symbol. any time you see a roman numeral you need to remember that is the number of valence electrons.





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“we the governors of the states and territories of the united states of america, in conference assembled, do hereby declare the conviction that the great prosperity of our country rests upon the abundant resources of the land chosen by our forefathers for their homes and where they laid the foundation of this great nation. we look upon these resources as a heritage to be made use of in establishing and promoting the comfort, prosperity, and happiness of the american people, but not to be wasted, deteriorated, or needlessly destroyed. we agree that our country's future is involved in this; that the great natural resources supply the material basis on which our civilization must continue to depend, and on which the perpetuity of the nation itself rests. we agree, in the light of facts brought to our knowledge and from information received from sources which we can not doubt, that this material basis is threatened with exhaustion. even as each succeeding generation from the birth of the nation has performed its part in promoting the progress and development of the republic, so do we in this generation recognize it as a high duty to perform our part; and this duty in large degree lies in the adoption of measures for the conservation of the natural wealth of the country.” - declaration of the conservation conference may 15, 1908 the influence of early efforts to preserve natural resources as expressed in this declaration is reflected in a) the establishment of the peace corps during john f. kennedy’s administration. b) the ratification of the sixteenth amendment during woodrow wilson’s tenure as president. c) the establishment of the food and drug agency during president theodore roosevelt’s term. d) the creation of the civilian conservation corps as part of franklin roosevelt’s “new deal.”
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