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Acompany that manufactures brackets for an automaker regularly selects brackets from the production line and performs a torque test. the goal is for mean torque to equal 125 let x equal the torque and assume that x is n(mu, sigma^2). we shall use a sample of size n = 15 to test h0: mu = 125 against a two-sided alternative hypothesis. (a) give the test statistic and a critical region with significance level a = 0.05. sketch a figure illustrating the critical region.

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Flashback to semester a. are triangles pqr and stu congruent? what is the congruency that proves they are congruent? what is the perimeter of triangle pqr? show your work.
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There's a big ski event at the south pole to show off her mad skiing skills a pretty yeti name betty wants to rent some penguins skis but she doesn't want to spend more than 150 fish dollars for the rental normally the rental fee for penguin skis is 225 fish dollars. but today there's a special offer 45% discount tax 8% after discount what is the percent difference between the original price she wants to spend in the special offer for today
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25 ! the line of best fit is h = 5a + 86. predict the height at age 16. show your work.
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Thales was an ancient philosopher familiar with similar triangles. one story about him says that he found the height of a pyramid by measuring its shadow and his own shadow at the same time. if the person is 5-ft tall, what is the height of the pyramid in the drawing?
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Acompany that manufactures brackets for an automaker regularly selects brackets from the production...
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