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Adrell has four suit jackets (white, blue, green, and tan) and four dress shirts in the same colors. how many different jackets/shirt outfits does adrell have?
a. how many jacket/shirt outfits does adrell have?
b. suppose he grabs a suit jacket and a dress shirt without looking. what is the probability that they will not be the same color?

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Can someone pls me i really need like asap
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Fran would like to estimate the mean amount of time it takes people in her town to travel to work. the town's population is 150,000 and about 90,000 of those are working adults. which statements are true? select each correct answer. there is no way to infer the value of the mean. she must collect data for all 90,000 working adults and calculate the mean. a larger sample of working adults will provide a better estimate of the true mean than a smaller sample. the population of working adults is too large for using a sample to estimate the mean of the entire group. if she takes a random sample of the population of working adults in her town, the mean for that group is likely close to the mean for the entire group.
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Suppose that in 2008 , 840,800 citizens died of a certain disease assuming the population of teh country is 399 miliion, what is the mortality rate in units of deaths per 100,000 people?
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Sara made $253 for 11 hours of work. at the same rate how much would he make for 7 hours of work?
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You know the right answer?
Adrell has four suit jackets (white, blue, green, and tan) and four dress shirts in the same colors....
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