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Alissa cut a pices of string that was 17 feet long. darnell cut piece of string that was 5 yard long alissa wanted to cut her string so that it was the same length as darnell's how many feet did she need to cut.

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Ben wants to play a carnival game that costs $2. in his pocket he has 5 red tickets worth 35 cents each, and 15 blue tickets worth 10 cents each. which of the following systems of inequalities correctly represents the constraints on the variables in this problem? let represent the red tickets and b represent the blue tickets.
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For problems 29 - 31 the graph of a quadratic function y=ax^2 + bx + c is shown. tell whether the discriminant of ax^2 + bx + c = 0 is positive, negative, or zero.
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Project information: the pythagorean theorem can be used in many real-world scenarios. the following is an example of real-word scenario where you will use the pythagorean theorem to find the missing piece. real-word scenario: a handyman needs to create triangular trusses to frame out the roof of a small shed. he knows the roof itself will be 9 feet tall and the length of each truss will be 14 feet. how long will the roof be from its highest to lowest point? part 1: the handyman created a drawing to provide a visual to solve this problem. below is his drawing.
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Marquise has 200 meters of fencing to build a rectangular garden. the garden's area (in square meters) as a function of the garden's width w w (in meters) is modeled by: a ( w ) = βˆ’ w 2 + 1 0 0 w a(w)=βˆ’w 2 +100w what side width will produce the maximum garden area? meters
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Alissa cut a pices of string that was 17 feet long. darnell cut piece of string that was 5 yard long...
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