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Astore sells yogurt in small, medium, and large sizes. a small yogurt costs $2, a medium costs $3, and a large costs $5. in one hour, the shop sold 27 yogurts for $98. there were five more large yogurts than small yogurts. the matrix below represents the system of equations in this situation
how many of each size yogurt did the store sell during that hour?
7 small yogurts, 8 medium yogurts, 12 large yogurts12 small yogurts, 8 medium yogurts, 7 large yogurts27 small yogurts, 98 medium yogurts, 5 large yogurts98 small yogurts, 27 medium yogurts, 5 large yogurts

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Astore sells yogurt in small, medium, and large sizes. a small yogurt costs $2, a medium costs $3, a...
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