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Find the value of c to complete the square: x^2+8x+c

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Akite has a string of length 60 metres. on a windy day, all the string is let out and makes an angle of between 20ยบ and 36ยบ with the ground . find the minimum and maximum heights of the kite. giver your answer correct to 2 significant figures
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50 points! antonio made a scale model of a building. the model's scale is 1 inch to 235 feet and its height is 3.5 inches. what is the exact height of the actual building? enter your answer in the box.
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Jenisey has $24 to spend on seven pencils. after buying them she had $10. how much did each pencil cost.?
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What percent of the circle below is shaded?
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Find the value of c to complete the square: x^2+8x+c...
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