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Grace wants to attend University of Oklahoma. One year at University of Oklahoma costs approximately $20,000. She currently has $4,000 in savings. Grace has received a one-time grant of $1,000 and an annual academic scholarship for $4,000. She plans to enroll in the work study program that will pay $9,000 annually for part-time work. How much will Grace need to borrow in student loans in order to attend University of Oklahoma for 4 years?

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Write the following fraction in simplest form ( reduce the fraction ). write your answer as a mix number. 48/40a. 1 1/5b. 1 2/10c. 1 1/10d. none of these
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Write an equation of a line in slope intercept form that is perpendicular to the line 2x -3y = 12 and passes through the point (2, 6).
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Asays "we are both knaves" and b says nothing. exercises 24–31 relate to inhabitants of an island on which there are three kinds of people: knights who always tell the truth, knaves who always lie, and spies (called normals by smullyan [sm78]) who can either lie or tell the truth. you encounter three people, a, b, and c. you know one of these people is a knight, one is a knave, and one is a spy. each of the three people knows the type of person each of other two is. for each of these situations, if possible, determine whether there is a unique solution and determine who the knave, knight, and spy are. when there is no unique solution, list all possible solutions or state that there are no solutions. 24. a says "c is the knave," b says, "a is the knight," and c says "i am the spy."
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The two cylinders are similar. if the ratio of their surface areas is 9/1.44 find the volume of each cylinder. round your answer to the nearest hundredth. a. small cylinder: 152.00 m3 large cylinder: 950.02 m3 b. small cylinder: 972.14 m3 large cylinder: 12,924.24 m3 c. small cylinder: 851.22 m3 large cylinder: 13,300.25 m3 d. small cylinder: 682.95 m3 large cylinder: 13,539.68 m3
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Grace wants to attend University of Oklahoma. One year at University of Oklahoma costs approximately...
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