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How many times does 100 go into 420

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Lorenzo ate 2/5 of his bag of almonds. his 4 friends ate equal shares of the remaining bag of almonds?
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Explain why the function is discontinuous at the given number a. (select all that apply.) f(x) = 1 x + 1 a = βˆ’1 f(βˆ’1) is undefined. lim xβ†’βˆ’1+ f(x) and lim xβ†’βˆ’1βˆ’ f(x) exist, but are not equal. lim xβ†’βˆ’1 f(x) does not exist. f(βˆ’1) and lim xβ†’βˆ’1 f(x) exist, but are not equal. none of the above
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Avegetable garden and a surrounding path are shaped like a square that together are 11ft wide. the path is 2ft wide. find the total area of the vegetable garden and path
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Aquadratic equation in standard from is written ax^2= bx+c, where a,b and c are real numbers and a is not zero?
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How many times does 100 go into 420...
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