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Mary borrows $5,000 dollars from her mother at a 3% simple interest rate and pays her $600 in interest after t years.
what is the value of t?

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It says factor each expression completely 8y+48
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Match the items from the first column with their corresponding dimension on the second column. items -thickness of plywood -new coil cable -uncut length of plastic pipe -length of a large housing development -width of a wood beam metric dimensions -1.1km -20mm -3m -100m -22cm
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Let f(x) = 3 − x . find the average rate of change of f(x) from x = a to x = a + h and simplify your answer so that no single factor of h is left in the denominator.
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You have learned about the six trigonometric functions, their definitions, how to use them, and how to represent them graphically. the sine, cosine, and tangent trigonometric functions can be paired with their reciprocal functions, cosecant, secant, and cotangent, respectively. think about how each function is related to its reciprocal are the graphs of the reciprocal functions related to their corresponding original functions? what happens to the graphs of the reciprocal functions as x approaches the zeros of the original functions? describe how you would teach friends with different learning styles (visual-spatial, aural-auditory, verbal-linguistic, physical-bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, social-interpersonal, and solitary-intrapersonal) how to graph the reciprocal functions
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Mary borrows $5,000 dollars from her mother at a 3% simple interest rate and pays her $600 in intere...
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