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Quien me dice la respuesta de esto por favor. 2r-(5-r)=13+2r

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Leo is going to use a random number generator 4 0 0 400 times. each time he uses it, he will get a 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 1,2,3,4, or 5 5. what is the best prediction for the number of times that leo will get an odd number?
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The volume of gas a balloon can hold varies directly as the cube of its radius. imagine a balloon with a radius of 3 inches can hold 81 cubic inches of gas. how many cubic inches of gas must be released to reduce the radius down to 2 inches?
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Which equation is equivalent to the given expression? -(1/2y+1/4) a. -1/4(1+2y) b. 1/4(2y-1) c. -2(1/4y-1/8) d. 2(1/8-1/4y)
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Aspacecraft can attain a stable orbit 300 kilometers above earth if it reaches a velocity of 7.7 kilometers per second. the formula for a​ rocket's maximum velocity v in kilometers per second is vequalsminus0.0098tplusc ln upper r​, where t is the firing time in​ seconds, c is the velocity of the exhaust in kilometers per​ second, and r is the ratio of the mass of the rocket filled with fuel to the mass of the rocket without fuel. find the velocity of a spacecraft whose booster rocket has a mass ratio of 20​, an exhaust velocity of 2.1 ​km/s, and a firing time of 15 s. can the spacecraft achieve a stable orbit 300 km above​ earth?
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Quien me dice la respuesta de esto por favor. 2r-(5-r)=13+2r...
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