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Ralph sold brownies for $0.99 a piece in order to earn money for baseball cards. if the cards cost $1.35 per pack, and if ralph had no money left over after buying them, what is the least number of brownies he must have sold

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Fran would like to estimate the mean amount of time it takes people in her town to travel to work. the town's population is 150,000 and about 90,000 of those are working adults. which statements are true? select each correct answer. there is no way to infer the value of the mean. she must collect data for all 90,000 working adults and calculate the mean. a larger sample of working adults will provide a better estimate of the true mean than a smaller sample. the population of working adults is too large for using a sample to estimate the mean of the entire group. if she takes a random sample of the population of working adults in her town, the mean for that group is likely close to the mean for the entire group.
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Show your workcan a right triangle have this sides? *how to prove it without using the pythagorean theorema*
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Awoman who is 64 inches with a shoulder width of 16 inches. write an equation relating the height h to the width w. find the height of a woman who has ashoulder width of 18.5 inches
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Pleasseee important quick note: enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. use the circle graph shown below to answer the question. a pie chart labeled favorite sports to watch is divided into three portions. football represents 42 percent, baseball represents 33 percent, and soccer represents 25 percent. if 210 people said football was their favorite sport to watch, how many people were surveyed?
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Ralph sold brownies for $0.99 a piece in order to earn money for baseball cards. if the cards cost $...
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