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Sandria earned $24 babysitting. she owes her friend $7 for dinner, and she owes her mom $4. she will make $15 later this week for mowing the yard.

how much money will she have at the end of the week?

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Jackie purchased 3 bottles of water and 2 cups of coffee for a family for $7.35. brian bought 4 bottles of water and 1 cup of coffee for his family for $7.15. how much does each bottle of water cost? how much does each cup of coffee cost? i need this done
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Someone answer this asap rn for ! a discount store’s prices are 25% lower than department store prices. the function c(x) = 0.75x can be used to determine the cost c, in dollars, of an item, where x is the department store price, in dollars. if the item has not sold in one month, the discount store takes an additional 20% off the discounted price and an additional $5 off the total purchase. the function d(y) = 0.80y - 5 can be used to find d, the cost, in dollars, of an item that has not been sold for a month, where y is the discount store price, in dollars. create a function d(c(x)) that represents the final price of an item when a costumer buys an item that has been in the discount store for a month. d(c(x)) =
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[15 points, algebra 2]simplify the complex fraction and find the restrictions.
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When solving this problem: 3025/5.5 = a/90.75 you get 49912.5 which would be the length of one of the sides of a square when the area is only 90.75 inches. is that answer correct, why, and how is it possible?
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Sandria earned $24 babysitting. she owes her friend $7 for dinner, and she owes her mom $4. she will...
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