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Show work for everything, plus an explanation, if you could you.

1. is it possible to use the formula p(a and b) = p (a) x p (b|a)when events a and b are independent? explain your reasoning.

2. according to a survey, about 58% of families sit down for a family dinner at least four times per week. you ask 5 randomly chosen families whether they have a family dinner at least four times per week.
a)draw a histogram of the binomial distribution for the survey.
b)what’s the most likely outcome of the survey?
c)what’s the probability that at least 3 families have a family dinner four times per week?

3. the surface area of the earth is about 196.9 million square miles. the land area is about 57.5 million square miles and the rest water. what’s the probability that it will hit the water?

4. three volunteers are chosen at random from a group of 12 to .
a)what’s the probability that you, your friend and your brother is chosen?
b)what’s the probability that you are the cook, your brother the lifeguard, and your friend the counselor? (the first person chosen will be counselor, second will be lifeguard, and third will be the cook.)

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Galen sold tickets of his church’s carnival for a total of $2,820. children’s tickets cost $3 each and adult tickets cost $5 each. the number of children’s tickets sold was 30 more than 3 times the number of adult tickets slod. how many children’s ticket and how many adult tickets did he sell?
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Jamie has made batter for three different types of christmas treats: gingerbread cake, candy cane crumble, and sticky toffee pudding. jamie has two baking sheets, one of which is for the gingerbread cake and the candy cane crumble. this baking sheet can hold different baked goods. the other baking sheet is for the leftover gingerbread cake and the sticky toffee pudding. it can hold different baked goods. if jamie wants to use up all the space on her baking sheets, and she assumes all of the baked goods to be cubes with a height that is equivalent to the total number of that type of baked good, across all sheets, what is the maximum mass of baked goods that jamie can make if she knows that the densities of the baked goods are mass unit per unit volume for the gingerbread, mass unit per unit volume for the candy cane crumble, and mass units per unit volume for the sticky toffee pudding?
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Amail truck picks up 2 boxes of mail from the post office the total weight of the boxes is 32 pounds one box is 8 pounds heavier than the other one
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Taber invested money in an account where interest is compounded every year.he made no withdrawals or deposits. the function a(t)=525(1+0.05)^t represent the amount of money in the account after t years. how much money did taber origanally invested?
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Show work for everything, plus an explanation, if you could you.

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