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The last step in a proof contains the

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The line y = x + passes through (−3, 7) and is parallel to y = 4x − 1.
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The box plots show the average speeds, in miles per hour, for the race cars in two different races. which correctly describes the consistency of the speeds of the cars in the two races?
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Tony is charged $ 50 and additional $0.15 per miles for renting a car. a) represent the cost of renting a car with an equation,and the determine the cost if he drove it70 miles.b) what would be the cost of a car rental if the car was driven 250 miles? show work
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The construction of copying qpr is started below. the next step is to set the width of the compass to the length of ab. how does this step ensure that a new angle will be congruent to the original angle? by using compass take the measures of angle and draw the same arc according to it.
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The last step in a proof contains the...
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