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What is 321 times 221 . show me the work

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Agroup of bipeds and pentapeds were standing together . there a total of 33 feet. how many bipeds and pentapeds can be standing in the group? explain
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My math teacher told my class to "steal" a 6th grade fraction word problem from the internet, word problems? : -p requirements: only a 1 step word problem. needs to be complex.
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The table shows the number of students who signed up for different after school activities. activity students cooking 9 chess 4 photography 8 robotics 11 select the true statements about the information in the table.
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Agroup of randomly selected members of the foodies food club were asked to pick their favorite type of food. the bar graph below shows the results of the survey. there are 244 members in the foodies.
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What is 321 times 221 . show me the work...
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