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What is the equation of the line that passes through (1, 3) and (-2, -3)?

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Speed skiing takes place on a course that is 2/3 many feet long is the course
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Amanufacturing plant produces fixed size square and circular metal plates. the mass of the square panel is 13kg and the circular panel has a mass of 22 kg. a truck is loaded with a total of 65 panels, which have a total mass of 1205kg. set up simultaneous equations and solve them to find how many of each type of panel are in the truck
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Your friend uses c=50p to find the total cost, c, for the people, p, entering a local amusement park is the cost of admission proportional to the amount of people entering the amusement park? explain.
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Study studied the birth weights of 1,562 babies born in the united states. the mean weight was 3234 grams with a standard deviation of 871 grams. assume that birth weight data are appromixatrly bell shaped. estimate the number of newborns who weighed between 1492 grams and 4976 grams.
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What is the equation of the line that passes through (1, 3) and (-2, -3)?...
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