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What is the number if 6/7 of 28 is equal to 30% of that number

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You purchase a new car for $17,000 and are able to acquire a loan because of your excellent credit score. how much is the total interest and insurance per month if you use the whome insurance company from question 3 for your insurance coverage and don't qualify for the safe driver discount? credit apr (%) excellent 5.90 good 6.35 average 6.85 fair 7.40 poor 8.15 (1 point) $95.39 $150.52 $142.64 $162.33
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Explain why the two figures below are not similar. use complete sentences and provide evidence to support your explanation. (10 points) figure abcdef is shown. a is at negative 4, negative 2. b is at negative 3, 0. c is at negative 4, 2. d is at negative 1, 2. e
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It takes a total of 6 hours to fill up an inground backyard pool using a standard house. a function can represent this situation to represent the amount of water in the pool until it is full a function of time the hose is running. determine the domain for the function
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Can someone me and plz do the problem
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What is the number if 6/7 of 28 is equal to 30% of that number...
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