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What is two minus parentheses eight -5×6 parentheses?

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Which statement best explains why ben uses the width hi to create the arc at j from point k
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Graph the line that represents a proportional relationship between d and t with the property that an increase of 33 units in t corresponds to an increase of 44 units in d. what is the unit rate of change of dd with respect to t? (that is, a change of 11 unit in t will correspond to a change of how many units in d? )
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Me n o w. i need t h i s. 10 points
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Meghan has created a diagram of her city with her house, school, store, and gym identified. a. how far is it from the gym to the store? b. meghan also wants to walk to get some exercise, rather than going to the gym. she decides to walk along arc ab. how far will she walk? round to 3 decimal places.
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What is two minus parentheses eight -5×6 parentheses?...
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