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When converting 3.68 the denominator will be

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Need ! the total ticket sales for a high school basketball game were $2,260. the ticket price for students were $2.25 less than the adult ticket price. the number of adult tickets sold was 230, and the number of student tickets sold was 180. what was the price of an adult ticket?
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With alll of except for the 2 that i did already
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Taina went to the toy store and spent $21.05 on a board game, $2.75 on coloring books, and $13.22 on a model airplane. about how much money did taina spend in the toy store?
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Two pipes are used to fill a 300300-gallon tub with water. the wide pipe can fill the tub in xx hours. the narrow pipe can fill the tub in twice the time. unfortunately, there is a leak in the bottom of the tub that could drain a full tub in yy hours. at the beginning of the day, the tub is empty. then, both pipes are fully opened, and water is released for two hours before the pipes are shut off. the leak continues to drain the tub for three hours, at which point both of the pipes are reopened and allowed to run for another two hours. at that point, an attendant repairs the leak, closes the pipes, and measures the tub to be 712712 full. which equation correctly describes the proportion of water in the tub in terms of xx and yy
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When converting 3.68 the denominator will be...
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