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Which expressions ere equivalent to x+x+x+2​

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The expression 6x2 gives the surface area of a cube, and the expression x3 gives the volume of a cube, where x is the length of one side of the cube. find the surface area and the volume of a cube with a side length of 6m
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Mr. and mrs. wallace have decided to buy a car for $21,600. they finance $15,000 of it with a 5-year auto loan at 2.9% arp. what will be their monthly payment be? a. $268.20 b. $268.86 c. $269.54 d. $387.16 (monthly car loan payment per $1,000 borrowed) i need !
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The midpoints of the sides of the large square are joined to form a smaller square. what is the area of the smaller square
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The areas of two similar triangles are 72dm2 and 50dm2. the sum of their perimeters is 226dm. what is the perimeter of each of these triangles?
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Which expressions ere equivalent to x+x+x+2​...
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