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Write an equation to represent the proportional relationship shown in the graph

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At the olympic games, many events have several rounds of competition. one of these events is the men's 100-meter backstroke. the upper dot plot shows the times (in seconds) of the top 8 finishers in the final round of the 2012 olympics. the lower dot plot shows the times of the same 8 swimmers, but in the semifinal round. which pieces of information can be gathered from these dot plots? (remember that lower swim times are faster.) choose all answers that apply: a: the swimmers had faster times on average in the final round. b: the times in the final round vary noticeably more than the times in the semifinal round. c: none of the above.
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Use δjkl and δmpn to determine whether don's claim is true or false. which of the following should don use to prove the triangles are similar? sss sas aas aa
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William invested $5000 in an account that earns 3.8% interest, compounded annually. the formula for compound interest is a(t) = p(1 + i)t. how much did william have in the account after 6 years? (apex)
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Sue’s expiremental probability of striking out at softball is 7%. out of 40 times at bat, about how many times will she strike out?
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Write an equation to represent the proportional relationship shown in the graph...
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