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Aplastic ball attached to a spring moves in simple harmonic motion. the amplitude of the ball's motion is 11.0 cm, and the spring constant is 6.00 n/m. when the ball is halfway between its equilibrium position and its maximum displacement from equilibrium, its speed is 19.5 cm/s. (a) what is the mass of the ball (in kg)? what is the total energy of the spring-mass system in terms of amplitude? how is it related to the kinetic and potential energies? what is the position of the ball in terms of amplitude? kg what is the period of oscillation (in s)? how is the period related to the mass and spring constant? s what is the maximum acceleration of the ball? (enter the magnitude in m/s.) (b) (c) m/s2

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The electric field direction is defined by the direction of the force felt by (select one of the following answers): 1. a negative charge. 2. a positive charge. 3. both positive and negative charges.
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Two objects are placed on a table. object 1 has a mass of 2 kilograms and a bottom surface area of 0.1 m². object 2 has a mass of 8 kilograms and a bottom surface area of 0.4 m² . how much pressure does each object exert on the tabletop?
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Below is the charging by induction procedure outlined in section 4 of the lab manual. just after each step of the procedure, determine the sign of the net charge on the electroscope vane and electroscope disk. the following steps are followed: a teflon rod is rubbed with a wool cloth so that it becomes negatively charged. an electroscope is nearby that is initially neutral on both its vane and disk. the charged rod is brought near the disk of the electroscope. the charged rod does not touch anything and no sparks jump. with the charged rod held near the disk, a person then grounds the post of the electroscope by touching it with a finger. the finger is removed from the electroscope, but the charged rod stays in place. the charged rod is moved away from the electroscope. part a after step 2, what is the sign of the net charge on the disk?
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Hello i am required to make a physics experiment plus powerpoint presentation. i want to see your suggestions about simple topics with examples of how to talk about it in the presentation. note: any incomplete answer will be reported.
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Aplastic ball attached to a spring moves in simple harmonic motion. the amplitude of the ball's moti...
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