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at which point should a researcher inform the respondents about the use of deception in a psychological study ? ?

at the start of the study
b. at the end of the study
c. after publishing the study
d. during the course of the study

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Which property of fossils allow scientists to determine the relative rock ages..
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Laser ablation is the process of removing material from a solid surface using laser radiation. one way of laser ablation is by heating up a thin surface layer of material over its melting point. assume the absorption of the incident laser power by a material creates a steadystate volumetric heat generation profile ďż˝789(ďż˝) = ďż˝=ďż˝? @â„a , where ďż˝ is the distance from the surface of the material, ďż˝= is a constant determined by the input laser power, and ďż˝ is another constant that characterizes the penetration depth of the laser power into the material. further assume the material thickness is ďż˝, and the temperature at the back surface of the material (ďż˝ = ďż˝) is maintained at ďż˝e, the environment temperature. the front surface of the material (ďż˝ = 0) is insulated to maximize the ablation efficiency. the thermal conductivity of the material is ďż˝. (a) obtain an expression of the steady-state temperature profile ďż˝(ďż˝) inside the material as a result of laser heating
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The speed of sound in ice, water, and steam is shown. what best explains the speed of sound in different states of matter? sound travels fastest in ice because energy is easier to transfer when the molecules are close together. sound travels slowest in steam because the sound has to move around the gas molecules that are far apart. sound travels fastest in ice because the temperature of solids is always greater, so the heat transfers the sound energy. sound travels slowest in steam because the pressure is so great the sound cannot travel though the steam particles.
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Ihave a density of 1.61g/cm^3 and a mass of 28g. find the missing value
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