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Four students use different instruments to measure the length of the same pen. which measurement implies the greatest precision?
a. 16.0 cm.
b. 0.160 m.
c. 0.00016 km.
d. need more information.
e. 160.0 mm

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Although light from the sun appears white, it is actually made up of a lot of different colors. this portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, we call white light is referred to as within the electromagnetic spectrum.
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Acommon procedure for measuring the velocity of an airstream involves the insertion of an electrically heated wire (called a krwzluh dqhprphwhu) into the airflow, with the axis of the wire oriented perpendicular to the flow direction. the electrical energy dissipated in the wire is assumed to be transferred to the air by forced convection. hence, for a prescribed electrical power, the temperature of the wire depends on the convection coefficient, which, in turn, depends on the velocity of the air. consider a wire of length / 20 mm and diameter ' 0.5 mm, for which a calibration of the form 9 6.25 105 k2 has been determined. the velocity 9 and the convection coefficient k have units of m/s and w/m2 k, respectively. in an application involving air at a temperature of 7 25c, the surface temperature of the anemometer is maintained at 7v 75c with a voltage drop of 5 v and an electric current of 0.1 a. what is the velocity of the air?
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An ordinary light bulb gives off visible white light. if you were moving toward it at nearly the speed of light, it would appear to be emitting xrays, while if you moving away from it at the same high speed, it would appear to be emitting radio waves. this is an example of what wave phenomenon? in both cases you could not see the bulb's "light" with your eyes. why?
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A1,700kg car is being used to give a 1,400kg car a push start by exerting a force of 140n the impulse on the smaller car during the 30.0s of contact is +670kg*m/s. what is the impulse of the smaller car on the larger car? -814 kg*m/s 0kg *m/s -670kg*m/s -550kg*m/s
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