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This type of energy can be transferred in three different ways: 1) direction contact through collisions (also called conduction), 2) through a fluid making a current created by less dense fluids floating and more dense fluids sinking (also called convection), and 3) by waves traveling with or without a medium (also called radiation)

this type of energy is often found in things like batteries or food

this is radiant energy from the sun; it's the only kind of energy we can see with our eyes

this has to do with the speed of an object and how much mass it has; basically how the object is moving

this is energy that is transferred by the movement of electrons through a conductor: the electrons create a current.

this can be either kinetic or potential and has to do with the energy of position and motion of an object

this is the energy found in the nucleus of an atom

this is the term used when energy changes from one form to another

this type of energy is stored energy; it can be increased by getting into a higher position and/or stretching an object such as a rubber band

this type of energy travels through vibrations on waves

mechanical energy

kinetic energy

potential energy

electrical energy

light energy

thermal energy

sound energy

chemical energy

nuclear energy

energy conversions

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This type of energy can be transferred in three different ways: 1) direction contact through collis...
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