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Two cyclists start at the same point and travel in opposite directions. one cyclist travels 8 km/m faster than the other. if the two cyclists are 84 miles apart after 3 hours, what is the rate of each cyclist?

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What’s #16 asking and how do i solve it?
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Acertain radio station broadcasts radio waves that have a wavelength of 298cm what is its broadcast frequency?
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An alien spaceship is 500 m above the ground and moving at a constant velocity of 150 m/s upwards. how high above the ground is the ship after 5 seconds?
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In the nineteenth century, gregor mendel first determined some basic rules of genetics that have been observed throughout all types of life. no observations have disproved these basic rules of genetics. charles darwin developed the idea of biological evolution around the same time, but he was unaware of mendel’s discoveries in genetics. over a century later, darwin’s idea of evolution was modified in order to incorporate mendel’s rules of genetics along with the other evidence that darwin had used. what is most likely the relationship between mendel’s rules of genetics and darwin’s idea of biological evolution? a.)mendel’s genetics states laws that are now part of the theory of biological evolution.b.)biological evolution states laws that are part of mendel’s theory of genetics.c.)mendel’s genetics replaced darwin’s entire concept of biological evolution.d.)biological evolution is a law that explains why all genetics exist.
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Two cyclists start at the same point and travel in opposite directions. one cyclist travels 8 km/m f...
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