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You are using a rotary encoder to determine the distance a robot has traveled. the rotary encoder is directly connected to one of the wheels that has a diameter of 10cm. assume the encoder has 16 lines/revolution and that both the rising and falling edges (2x mode) are detected. what is the smallest detectable change of the rover traveling distance? if you want the rover to travel 2 meters before making a turn, how many encoder counts (rise and fall) are needed before sending a turn command? if you want to upgrade the encoder so that the smallest detectable distance change is ±0.20cm, what would be the required lines/revolution?

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Askydiver weighing 140 lb (including equipment) falls vertically downward from an altitude of 19,000 ft and opens the parachute after 18 s of free fall. assume that the force of air resistance, which is directed opposite to the velocity, is of magnitude 0.55|v| when the parachute is closed and is of magnitude 14|v| when the parachute is open, where the velocity v is measured in ft/s. assume that acceleration due to gravity has magnitude 32 ft/s/s; remember that weight is the product of mass and gravitational acceleration. (a) find the speed of the skydiver when the parachute opens. (b) find the distance fallen before the parachute opens. (c) what is the limiting velocity vl after the parachute opens? (d) determine how long the sky diver is in the air after the parachute opens. (e) plot the graph of velocity versus time from the beginning of the fall until the skydiver reaches the ground.
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An object in mechanical equilibrium is an object
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The friction of the water on a boat produces an acceleration of -10. m/s2. if the boat is traveling at 30. m/s and the motor is shut off, how long it take the boat to slow down to 5.0 m/s?
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Ionic compounds can be readily dissolved in water because the high dielectric constant of water screens and decreases the force between the oppositely charged ions.
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You are using a rotary encoder to determine the distance a robot has traveled. the rotary encoder is...
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