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A. in the first two paragraphs, examine the difficulties of starting a new country by answering the following questions:
 explain why the articles of confederation were decided upon and why they were rejected.
 explain what changes were needed in order for the country to run smoothly.
 what branches of government were found to be necessary to run the country?
b. in the third and fourth paragraphs, analyze the importance of compromise in government by examining and explaining the great compromise and the three fifths compromise. also, give your opinion whether compromise is the best thing for everyone and why.
c. in the fifth paragraph, tell why you think it is difficult for large groups of people to agree on one idea. read the information in this lesson and think about an issue in your hometown or city that has people divided about what should be done to improve or fix something. it can be about taxes, schools, roads, or a government election. explain why you think people become divided about what to do and how to make things right.

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A. in the first two paragraphs, examine the difficulties of starting a new country by answering the...
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