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How to be a helpful person

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Which is a way that a piece of paper can go through a chemical change
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1. how did conditions in germany and europe at the end of world war i contribute to the rise and triumph of nazism in germany? 2. how did the german government under nazi rule build support among the german people? 3. how did nazi germany gradually isolate, segregate, impoverish, and incarcerate jews and persecute other perceived enemies of the state between 1933 and 1939? 4. how did the nazis lead germany to war in europe and, with their collaborators, kill millions—including systematically murdering six million jewish people? 5. why is learning about the holocaust important? so we don’t repeat history.
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Which three regions were part of the indian ocean trade route? a. east africa, middle east, and china b. china, east africa, and west africa c. mediterranean, west africa, and east africa d. east africa, mediterranean, and india
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Your boss has assigned you to get the low-down on the latest wonder-drug, and to be darn sure to get it would be wise to consult: a) the wikipedia; everything they publish is up-to-date.b) the web site of the manufacturer of the wonder drug; they know more about it than anyone else does.c) the article in the journal of the american medical society, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, reporting on the discovery and testing of the drug.d) the new york times article quoting the discoverer of the drug on how wonderful it is.e) the web site in the email you received with the subject line "grow your ***** naturally with new wonder drug
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