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Ihave 98 points to give to anyone with the correct answers! ! asap

1) the diagram shows steps in creating a state law. what is the next step in the process? (diagram is on the bottom.)

a)governor signs the bill into law.

b)house of representatives votes on the bill.

c)governor sets up a committee to study a bill.

d)secretary of the senate signs the bill into law.

2) which duty is not a power of the georgia general assembly?

a)represent the people of georgia

b)check the executive branch's power

c)authorize, or appropriate state spending

d)elect the governor every four years

3) when the united states supreme court ruled on worcester v. georgia in 1832, which role of a judiciary was it fulfilling?

a)determining the difference between a criminal and civil trial

b)determining the proper selection process for judges

c)interpreting and determining the application of georgia's laws to its people

d)emphasizing the proper steps in the judicial process

4) which statement provides the best example of how the executive branch fulfills its role through state agencies?

a)the georgia state patrol enforces laws.

b)employees with the supreme court schedule cases.

c)senate policy analysts examine how laws affect citizens.

d)lawyers in the house of representatives provide legal advice.

Ihave 98 points to give to anyone with the correct answers! ! asap1) the diagram show

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Ihave 98 points to give to anyone with the correct answers! ! asap

1) the diagram show...
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