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Jennifer is interested in training two of her new puppies to participate in agility competitions. one of the puppies, sasha, was given a treat each time she more closely approximated the behavior that jennifer wanted from her. then she got a treat every third time she completed the entire behavior correctly. the other puppy, rosie, was exposed to a harsh sound whenever she did the wrong behavior.

in the chart, jennifer kept track of the number of correctly completed behaviors for each puppy, in order to know which one will be best for competition.

the figure presents a bar graph titled, number of correct behaviors per session. the horizontal axis contains categories for day one, day two, day three, and day four. the vertical axis indicates the numbers 0 through 20, in increments of 2. a key shows that two sets of data are represented: sasha and rosie. the data represented in the bar graph are as follows. day one. sasha, 10; rosie, 2. day two. sasha, 12; rosie, 1. day three. sasha, 15; rosie, 2. day four. sasha, 16; rosie, 3.
part a: apply each of the following concepts to jennifer’s training of her puppies.

independent variable
dependent variable
confounding variable
ethical treatment of subjects
behavioral shaping
part b: use the information provided to complete the following statistical procedures.

calculate the mean correct behaviors for sasha over the 4 days. show your work.
calculate the mode correct behaviors for rosie over the 4 days.

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