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Reasons on having high population density in the tropical monsoon region

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In the kingdom of saudi arabia the government controls every aspect of oil production which makes up the majority of the country's economy. while other businesses are owned by individuals, the biggest segment of saudi arabia's economy is oil production. saudi arabia's economy would best be described as a) entirely market. b) almost entirely command. c) a mixture between just market and traditional. d) a mixed economy with large amounts of command.
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The north american colonies experienced a steady increase in population since the first settlement in jamestown in 1607. by 1775, the colonies' population was around 2,500,000, and most of the colonists lived east of the allegheny mountains. how did geography influence the settlement of america's first colonies?
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A. the constitution goes into effect. b.samuel adams agree to support ratification of a bill of rights is added. c. virginia and new york refuses to hold conversations ratify the constitution. d. states begin holding conversations to debate ratifying the constitution.
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Reasons on having high population density in the tropical monsoon region...
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